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One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Treasure

ComeFetch App Get rid of the clutter

  1. Find free stuff Swipe through items other people are giving away for free in your area.
  2. Give away Have a look around the house, lose the unwanted clutter and get it into the hands of someone that could use it.
  3. Location basedYou'll only give away and find stuff that's closest to you, so no need to travel far.
  4. Fetch When you find something or someone wants something from you, all that's left to do is ComeFetch!
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Team ComeFetch Team members

A small but very efficient team behind the app.


Full stack tech guy, app developer and startup enthusiast.


Computer Engineer. Software and hardware enthusiast.

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ComeFetch Sponsors

ComeFetch was made possible by the financial sponsorship and support it received from mLab SA and TIA. Such support boosted the ComeFetch team to develop the product.